Lava lake

View in the caldera of Erta Ale volcano

Hot above, hot bellow

Dallol volcano, hot spot, hottest place on Earth. Sulphur, sulphur acid, iron, potash...

Desert mountains

View from Mt.Moses, Sinai, Egypt

Stream with gems

Stream in north western Algeria near Maroccan border.

Geralta mountains





Source in moss

Studenci, one of the permanent sources of river Kamniška Bistrica, 500 m after the main source.

Cycling lane


land of volcanoes

Waiting for sunrise at Cemoro Lawang crater, known as Bromo. On the left side, across caldera beautiful shadows emerged in the twilight. So I was moving camera from Bromo to the east and back. One spot, two photographs.

Kelimutu volcano

The volcano Kelimutu (1639 m) contains three striking summit crater lakes of varying colors. Tiwu Ata Bupu (Lake of Old People) is usually blue, the other two lakes, Tiwu Ko'o Fai Nuwa Muri (Lake of Young Men and Maidens) and Tiwu Ata Polo (Bewitched or Enchanted Lake) are separated by a shared crater wall and are typically green or red respectively. The lake colors vary on a periodic basis. Subaqueous fumaroles are the probable cause of active upwelling that occurs at the two eastern lakes.

Mount Bromo

Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park Mount Bromo (2,329m) is easily recognized as the entire top has been blown off and the crater inside constantly belches white sulphurous smoke. It sits inside the massive Tengger caldera. with a diameter of approximately 10km, surrounded by the Laut Pasir (Sea of Sand) of fine volcanic sand. In the back is Mount Semeru (the highest in Java at 3,676m), one of Indonesia's most active volcanoes.

Alley of the baobabs at sunset